Course Requirements

Here is what to expect in the PIF Intro to SUP + 12-Week Beginner SUP Fitness Program

  • You should be a proficient swimmer (able to swim 25 yards) and be comfortable doing water sports.

  • Complete the Paddle Into Fitness Beginner SUP course! Read all the course notes, look at the photo How To's, watch the videos, and pass all the quizzes.

  • Submit videos of stroke technique & turns. Gillian will review your videos, and give you feedback to help you improve.

  • Start your 12-Week Intro to SUP Fitness Paddle Program! At the end of 12-Weeks, paddle a 5k fun paddle :)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Paddle Into Fitness

    • Introduction: Message from Gillian Gibree

    • About Paddle Into Fitness

  • 2

    The Sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding

    • History of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

    • SUP Apparel

    • Types of Boards

    • Choosing a Paddle

    • Other Equipment

    • Equipment Video

    • Equipment Quiz

  • 3

    Water Safety

    • Stand Up Paddleboard Safety

    • Water Regulations

    • Ocean Safety

    • River Safety

    • Emergency Situations and Rescues

    • Other Emergencies

    • Water Safety Quiz

  • 4

    Beginner Stand Up Paddleboard Instruction

    • Getting Started

    • Beginner Stroke Technique & Turn

    • Beginner Lesson Video

  • 5

    Advanced Stroke Technique & Turns

    • Advanced Stroke Technique

    • Advanced Stroke Video

    • Advanced Turns

    • Advanced Turns Video

    • Advanced Stroke & Turns Submission

  • 6

    12-Week Beginner SUP Fitness Paddle Program

    • Program Introduction

    • Warm Up & Cool Down Videos

    • 12-Week Beginner SUP Fitness Paddle Program

    • Program Completion


What students are saying...

Audrey Lee, PhD Exercise in Sport Science, Masters in Sport Nutrition, Utah

Owner of Power to Shred, Performance & Sport Nutrition Coach, Athlete

“Gillian Gibree is a pioneer, creating an online program. The information is well organized and thorough. Gorgeous pictures guide you through the sequences and are a wonderful resource to refer back to for proper alignment and cueing. The quizzes are an excellent way to test the material learned. I can not wait to see what Gillian’s impressive forward thinking will lead to next in online education.”